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Content Is Still King On the Internet
So you've built a website, it looks good but people are not returning. Why?


Content is the heart of your website and why people visit. Beyond the fancy layout and gadgets what people are after on your website is your content. What you have to offer the world.

Whether it's that new product fresh off the assembly line or a service you're thinking about offering the world. Maybe it's an announcement or a sale. There's plenty of reasons to keep adding to your website. Don't make the mistake of building once and forgetting it.

Fresh Content

Fresh content will determine how often your visitors check back. If you don't have any fresh content for an extended period of time your website will likely be forgotten. Websites like Reddit, that aggregate new articles every few minutes mean people are checking back throughout the day. Whereas if it's just your run of the mill company website, people might check it once and forget it after they get what they want.

This is why it's important to continuously update your content. It could be as simple as a blog update to let people know there's life at the company, things are happening. People care and are active and that when they call they'll get a real live person on the other end.

Stale Content

If you haven't updated in years, perhaps now it's time to sit down and think about what you might be able to offer up to the world. What is new and exciting about your business and its offerings? Have you changed products, have your services or policies been updated? Maybe you've moved locations. All of these details should be posted to your website to keep people coming back.

The biggest mistake people make is having a website built and then saying "okay, we made a website... we're done." On the internet that's poor form. After all, once you've had a look, why look again? Remember, people are busy! If you don't give them a reason to check out your website, they won't.

Keep your visitors coming back with fresh content and regular updates so people know there's something happening. That you're active and your website has value. The value is always going to be in the content, and that's why people are visiting.
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