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Relationships and Responsibilities - How Loose Connections Kill Your Website
We commonly see many businesses choose to get their website built by a friend or family member for the perceived cost savings. While in the initial stages of setting up your web presence this may be an okay solution, let us go into why this may backfire down the line when things aren't working the way you want.


Responsibility is an interesting topic when it comes to work. When you have nothing on paper, who is really going to answer for your concerns or questions?

For those choosing friends or family to be responsible for their website, how will you know if that person will be available down the line? Will they be as interested in helping you? What's in it for them?

With professional relationships you can always choose a different company. If you're not happy or the party involved refuses to accept responsibility you can go to someone who can. It's not so easy with friends or family as losing those relationships or creating tension can have greater consequence.

Choosing professionals gives you options. It also makes sure you've got people who know what they're doing and that you can contact and hold accountable.

Money and Budgeting

Most people are not interested in throwing thousands of dollars at a website without knowing full well what they're doing. Many simply cannot afford it. There are compromises that are made getting a web presence online. Those compromises are what end up killing most websites entirely.

The bargain proposal usually begins with a hastily put together plan, usually in a back of a napkin fashion, with some vague ideas of what can be done. If we're talking about peoples time and money we're usually going to have someone who is pressed for time and not receiving much pay for the time they're putting into that website. Understandably, they won't be too concerned with what happens with it once they're finished.

If someone is going to build your website for little to no money then their time is always going to be at a premium. They may try to put it together as fast as they can, cutting corners just to get it done. This means that there won't be any consideration for many of the ongoing responsibilities such as maintenance and updates that will end up falling back on the owner who will not know what to do next. In most cases like this, people simply do not know what to do. So domain names expire, hosting goes unpaid and websites go offline.

Low or no cost hosting is another area where many sites fail. This results in slow loading times, frustrated visitors who will generally pass on to another website leaving it lost on the internet with no hope in sight. On the internet, as in life, you get what you pay for.


In addition to responsibility, people are generally pressed for time. People want things done quickly! We're all impatient when we are doing things we feel we have to but have little interest or understanding about how it will benefit us.

We urge you to take time with your website. Understand that it is a process. It will get done, but it will take time. Hastily running into your project without fully considering all the details is a recipe for disaster and it's the details you miss that will result in spending more than you should. Whether that be by having to rebuild a new website or going over work you've already done or paid for because it was thrown together at the last minute just to put something online.

By taking the time you need in order to understand the scope of your website and how it will meet your goals, you will be much better prepared and be happier in the long run. Your website also has a much higher chance of surviving.

Interest and Care

The sad truth is most websites become forgotten the moment they are finished. The builder puts it online and the owner will see that it's online and then promptly forget about it. The builder has done their job and the owner knows it is online. But who's visiting? Who's managing the website? What happens if something breaks? Who is monitoring the website? There are a lot of things that can happen when you're not looking.

In many cases website owners simply don't know what they're supposed to do next, so they forget about it. Bills can be paid for hosting and the like, but would the owner of a website keep paying that bill if they knew that nobody was visiting their website? That information is available! We know how many people are visiting (every web server keeps traffic logs).

Traffic logs, however, need to be reviewed. It's never as simple as a mouse click and presto we know everything that's been going on. Logs tend to have thousands, in many cases tens of thousands of entries to pour over. Data analysis, in this regard, takes time and requires an expert to know what they're looking at and to digest volumes of information in a meaningful way.

Solutions and Recommendations

Everyone will tend to guard their time. If you ask that someone build you a website for free or for very little money will that person have a keen interest in keeping your vision alive or meeting your goals?

We recommend you take the time to discuss your needs with a business, like ours, that can layout all the options for you and what you can do before you spend a single penny.

Get what you want right from the start by choosing a business that will give you the details you need up front, including the costs, your obligations and ongoing responsibility with a management plan.

Being informed is half the battle to making your website work!

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