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Website Checkup - 5 Things Killing Your Website
Stale Content

When was your content last updated? If it's been a few months, or a few years maybe it's time you had a look at what an injection of new content can do to get your visitors interested in your website again.

Remember, if you're neglecting your website, your visitors will know. Some may steer clear as it shows you're not taking care of things. If you're neglecting your website, what else are you neglecting? This does not put out a positive image.

Let's get back on track with some fresh content.

Not Tracking Visitors

No, we don't mean literally tracking them but if you're not looking at your server logs or using something like Google Analytics to see who's visiting, how will you know your website is effective or not? Do you know the most popular page on your website? Do you know the least popular? How about where your traffic is coming from? You could have an emerging market coming to your website and you are not even serving them! Check your logs!

Outdated Technology

Technologies like Adobe Flash are being replaced by the current web standard which includes provisions for things like Video and Animation. Nobody does flash intros anymore, and you should be keeping up to date with the current standards (HTML5, CSS etc.).

Website Isn't Mobile Ready

Is your website ready for people on the go? Most people are now using multiple devices to access your website, such as their cellphone, tablets and their desktop or laptop computers. Are you serving them properly? If not, your competitors may get their business. Not staying up to date and serving a mobile ready website is a big no-no in 2017.

Little or No Security

This is a big one that is almost routinely overlooked. Security Planning -- Is your website vulnerable to being hacked? Has your "Web Guy/Girl" put in place a recovery plan? Do you know what to do when your website gets hacked? Do you have backups? Can you recover from a compromised website? There are many ways to help keep your website out of harms way, one of them is having a security plan.

Password length

Make sure your passwords are both upper and lower case and include a number eg. ThisIsMyPassword21230 and not mypassword123. You can take this to the next level by using password rotation and expiring passwords every so often (every 3-6 months for example).

Intrusion Detection

Can your web servers detect and deny an intruders repeated attempts to muscle their way into the server? Ie. Can your server detect brute force attacks?

Recovery Planning

If your web server is compromised, do you have a good known backup to recover the website? Further, are you making regular backups and snapshots of your website?

(Bonus) Excessive Wait Times

Is your website loading quickly? Do you ever check? You should be checking how quickly (or slowly) your website is loading. You may think this doesn't matter but if you make your visitors wait they may load your competitors website while they're waiting.

As a general rule your website should load in under 10 seconds. That is, if you visit your website and nothing happens for 2-5 seconds; you may have just lost a visitor. If you are looking at your website traffic (your server logs) you'll see this.

Make sure your web hosting plan can handle the traffic and that everything loads smoothly. If it isn't loading quickly, perhaps it's time to consider an upgrade!

With these simple tips you can save yourself a lot of trouble and keep your website up and running smoothly.
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