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Item # Domain Category Notes and Restrictions Per Year
240099305 .coach Services $53.99/Year
240002129 .delivery Services $53.99/Year
240079098 .dental Services $53.99/Year
240053043 .design Services $53.99/Year
240090456 .financial Finance $53.99/Year
240051078 .flights Services $53.99/Year
240026743 .legal Legal $53.99/Year
240050860 .pizza Food and Drink $53.99/Year
240005266 .recipes Food and Drink $53.99/Year
240083668 .tax $53.99/Year
240040232 .taxi Services $53.99/Year
240035589 .tours Services $53.99/Year
240054652 .university Education $53.99/Year
240033356 .wine Food and Drink $53.99/Year
240020564 .memorial $53.99/Year
240037170 .maison $53.99/Year
240026069 .apartments $53.99/Year
240085084 .condos $53.99/Year
240081992 .dating $53.99/Year
240060205 .engineering $53.99/Year
How long does it take for my Domain Name to become active?
Domain names typically become active within 24-48 hours after registration. The time it takes before you can use your domain name is determined by domain name servers (DNS) around the world which will include your new domain name in their records. Every DNS is going to update at different intervals though typically within the above timeframe.

It is also important to remember that every change made to the DNS record for your domain name (such as pointing to a new web server) is going to take a further 24-48 hours as each DNS updates any changes made.
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