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Privacy Policy
What Information We Collect and Why
The information you submit to us such as your name, address, telephone number and/or email address; through our website and through our interaction with you. We collect this information from you in order to contact you regarding services you have with us and/or to offer our services to you.

Server Logs

Most web servers collect logging information which is created when your computer connects to a web server to request a resource on our website. This information is not personally identifiable but may contain your IP address. This data is used for security and resource management purposes.

Cookies and other Anonymous Data

Cookies are small files which are stored locally on your computer when you use your web browser to connect to a website. Some websites may store a cookie to differentiate between anonymous users, but not persons. This means that the data is not personally identifiable, but can be used to store a unique ID number, settings, or preferences on a temporary basis, while using the website and/or service.

Generally, cookies are made to expire after a period of time. This period may vary depending on how often the data is needed. In many cases this data amounts to a small series of numbers and/or letters which keeps your settings separate from other users.

Most of our cookies will be made to expire after 30 days.
How We Use Your Information
The information we gather is used to contact you regarding your account. We use this information to interact with you regarding the services you have with us and to keep you updated on the status of your account, your projects and/or other services you have with us.

We may also use your information to track your preferences, understand our customers and their needs, as well as for security purposes.
Information We May Share and Why
We may need to share your information with other parties in order to provide certain services to you, such as registering a domain name. We only share the information required to register those services. This information is used to register your domain name to you.

No information will be shared that does not relate directly to services.
Legal Obligations
We may be asked or be compelled to provide information to law enforcement and/or information to be provided by a court order. In such events we will provide the information requested where required by law.
Protecting Your Information
We will make a good faith effort to protect and safe guard your information and commit not to share this information to third parties unless it is specifically for the above reasons, such as registering a service to you.
You should periodically review our privacy policy whenever you have a concern about your private information and/or the use of your information by us. You may also elect to speak with us directly regarding your information and the above policy.
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