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Corporate Series
Corporate Website (CMS)
Web ID: 977896587
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PHP Format
Pages: Custom # of Pages
$35.00 Domain Name Credit*
Includes: Custom Layouts (up to 5), Website Coding (HTML, CSS, PHP), Content Integration (Your Content). Designed for use with a database. Also includes a Content Management System (CMS) so you and/or your team can update the website yourself with a simple and easy to use web interface. Modifications to CMS for custom features is available at additional cost. Additional pages available at $110.00/page
Web Hosting Options
You can use our web hosting solutions to present your website to the internet. Alternatively, you may use a web hosting provider of your choice.

Web Host Requirements: If you would like to use your own web hosting provider this website requires PHP support (Version 5.5+) and may also require MySQL support if a database is used. Check with your web hosting provider for these supporting features prior to ordering.
* Domain name is included with purchase and is subject to availability. Applies to new registrations and renewals for a period of 1 year. Does not apply to premium domains. Some restrictions may apply. Inquire for full details.
Content Development Services
Don't have content yet? Let us help you make it happen. We can put together the content your website needs to make your message more impactful.
Item # Name Description  
973312845 Animation Add a little more visual impact with animations.
973310107 Audio HTML 5 now allows audio integration natively in most web browsers. We can incorporate audio clips, music and sound effects to your website and presentations. Support for formats such as .wav, .mp3, .ogg, .mp4, .acc, .pcm.
973330106 Blog Basic blogging module for the current news about your company and what's new on your website.
973333100 Catalogue Show off your products with an online catalogue.
973305155 Copy Writing We can write descriptions for your products and services. With attention to features, benefits and details of each product or service.
973307777 Database A database can organize large volumes of information so users can find exactly what they are looking for without having to wade through mountains of data.
973391252 Form to Email You can now receive form feedback from your website directly to your email. For example, you can take quote requests from your website and send them to the email address of your sales team.
973309564 Forms For general user interaction from your website such as quote requests, feedback and questionnaires.
973310223 Forum User forums can be a great addition for technical products where questions can be submitted from users and support offered by other users and your staff. A forum also helps develop a community around your products and services.
973308317 Graphics 2D and 3D graphics for your products and services
973328301 Javascript Allows users to interact with your content and offers custom presentation options such as dynamic font resizing, hiding elements, calculations (such as in financial, estimating, custom sizing calculators) and more.
973319701 Language Translation We can translate your website into multiple languages which can help expand your market into other countries.
973310801 Password Protection Create exclusive areas of your website accessible only to users who have a username and password.
973304112 Picture Gallery Present photos of your products, services and more with our picture gallery solution.
973380801 Product Photography Make a great impression with pictures. On the internet photos speak louder than words.
973301033 SSL Integration SSL certificate integration for HTTPS sections of your website such as ecommerce and private information submitted over the internet to your website.
973320107 Video Video can be included in your website via Adobe Flash or using HTML 5 which natively supports formats such as .ogg, H.264/mp3, H.264/aac with .mp4, .webm. We can also include your videos from websites such as Youtube, Vimeo and Ustream.
973354899 Web Flyer If you have products that go on sale on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, we can create an eye catching flyer on your website.
Website Application Development Services

Unlock the potential of your website

Web applications offer the option of adding specialized functionality to your website. Most often used with data driven applications such as a database, financical data or products.

Item # Name Description  
978812277 Custom Applications (PHP) Offers broad customization of your website and how data is presented to the end user. With PHP we can develop custom web applications and dynamic features that allow users to customize their experience of your website.
978812223 Shopping Cart (e-Commerce) Customized shopping cart, product management, product profiles, pricing and promotion for your web store.
Website Management Services

Need us to take control?

We can handle regular updates to your website. Provide us with the information to update and instruct us on what you'd like to see updated or changed and on what sort of schedule these updates should be conducted. A plan can be created with a regular schedule for updates. This will keep your website updated and ready for new visitors.

Want to handle updates yourself?

Optionally, we can create or build a Content Management System (CMS) uniquely designed around the content of your website so you and your team can create updates yourself. This option allows you to update your website even if you are not technology savvy. Your website can be updated with our simplified tools which use forms to input and modify data from the website.

This tool can be customized to your unique requirements and be more specific to the type of data you have on your website. Since every website is different, you may have specific needs that the CMS can address to make updates and changes easier.

Item # Name Description  
974490510 Active Management Plan With an active plan, we can take your content and update your website on a specified schedule. This means fresh content will be continuously available for your visitors, giving them incentive to revisit your website.
974498777 Content Management System (CMS) A Content Management System or CMS for short, offers the ability of non-technical users or staff to make changes to the website using a web browser without having to code. Customize with user logins, read/write privileges, and more.
974490711 Pay Per Update A pay as you go solution which allows you to update your website at your own pace. Great for those starting out and who don't have a lot of content that will change over time.
974480122 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Optimization strategies which we can apply to your website to maximize search engine indexing and the ability of users to find your products and services.
974480990 Website Promotion Online and offline strategies to promote your website.
Need help finding the right solution?
If you are planning a new website or need help with the one you have, get in touch with us. We can assist with planning, developing, managing and operating your website to get the results you want.
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